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We proudly install Tamko Herritage 30 Simulated Shake Shingles. We offer whole house and partial tear-off's and overlay's. We offer a 30 year depreciated manufactures warrenty and a one year labor warrenty with all of our roofs. We have many different colors and styles to choose from. 
At Coady Roofing, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. What makes Coady Roofing stand alone from our compeditors is our honesty. We will never low ball you to get in the door then come at you with a huge bill for things that were not discussed. We offer many different types of roofing. Small jobs and big jobs. And remember quotes are always free
We offer a couple different solutions for your leaking flat roof. We are proud to be installing Lucas Coating. Lucas coatings are a permanant solution to your leaking flat roof at a fraction of the cost to re-roofing. Lucas Coatings are a solvent based liquid rubber coating that drys to a seamless sheet of rubber. It comes from the factory white in color but can be special ordered to any shade. The bright white coating is highly reflective and in most cases will qualify you for a tax rebate. We also install traditional Awa-plan Granulated Rolled Rubber Roofs. Awa-plan Rolled Roofs are very durable and will withstand years of abuse from mother nature. Awa-plan roofs come with a 10 year manufactures warrenty and a one year labor warrenty. 
​We can also patch your existing roof with no pressure from a pushy salesman trying to sell you something. We are here to serve you and your roofing needs not to try and scam you into something that you don't want or need!!!! 

If you have any question concerning services or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly make time to come out and give you a free quote for your roofing needs.